Never operate your starter in excess of 10 seconds per starting attempt.  Allow 20 seconds to allow starter to cool between attempts.  Repeat up to 5 more times (all Sky-Tec starters can handle at least a total of 60 seconds of combined cranking time per half hour - some far more - but don't test it!).  If engine fails to start, allow 30 minutes for starter to fully cool down before repeating (you might want to talk with a competent mechanic as to why your expensive aircraft engine didn't fire on 2-3 blades like the good ones always do).


All Sky-Tec starters ship from the factory with this tag affixed to the power terminal of the starter:

Sky-Tec Starter Tag.jpg (196923 bytes)
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Click here to see a side-by-side view of the Sky-Tec tag to those of other manufacturers.


There are little to maintenance requirements for a Sky-Tec starter.  You may apply a very small amount of dry-silicone type lubricant or light LPS (1) to the drive pinion gear and/or shaft (Lycoming models) to minimize surface corrosion.  But typically the best maintenance for your Sky-Tec starter is regular use.  


Never pressure wash the starter with water or any form of degreasing agent.  Simply wipe it clean to remove any surface contaminants.  


The best thing you can do for your Sky-Tec is USE IT!


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