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Customer Gallery


Check out these shots of our starters in action.  Remember:  Performance Starts with Sky-Tec!

Just a few of our 100,000+ customers and other shots:
TrevorWilcock.JPG (191788 bytes)

Mary Leader and Trevor Wilcock's

Binder Smaragd, a German variant of the Piel Emeraude

RichardBrazell.jpg (53167 bytes)

Rich Brazell's newly completed 

Thorp S-18 ( T-18 with folding wings)


Tony Dawson Alaska SuperCub.JPG (51236 bytes) Tony Dawson Sockeye.jpg (157781 bytes)

From the "customers who make us sick" category...

Outdoor writer Tony Dawson gets around Alaska with his

SuperCub (started by Sky-Tec) and his fishin' pole.

Tony sent in these pics when we were in our 52nd straight day 

of 100+ degree temps in Texas.   Some people...

Green D-1.jpg (174631 bytes)  Green D-1b.jpg (268496 bytes)  Green D-1c.jpg (160192 bytes)

A darned fine flying machine.  Sensible?  A bonanza could go nearly as fast 
with 2-4 more seats to boot.  But cool?  Yeah - James Bond cool.

Aint this cool:

www.wilsonhouserecovery.org 's

Lycoming-powered airboat.

Sky-Tec customers don't all fly at the same flight levels.


D-1 at Sky-Tec.jpg (159368 bytes) D-1 at Sky-Tec_2.jpg (153199 bytes)

Wendell Green visits the factory in his Wing Derringer D-1

2-Place, Twin Engine

IO-320's.  185 KTs. <15 gph.


Gene Fulmer flew his '46 Champ to visit the factory.  Pictures cannot do this plane justice.  

O-200 and 10+ in and out.  

What a flying machine!  Oh, did we mention a Sky-Tec KCST2 starter too?


Gene McNeely (Aeroshell T-6 Aerobatic Team Pilot and all-around great guy)

sporting an AEIO-390-powered RV-8 

(does this guy ever fly boring aircraft? Sheesh!)

P8130026_fx.jpg (846580 bytes)

Jim Wheat's Seattle-based


Stinson 108-3 on Floats

P8150035_fx.jpg (657238 bytes)

Hartzell blended airfoil prop, 2870 floats, Crosswinds Stol leading edge, VG's..............

DSCN0425.JPG (1024425 bytes)

George Millar's 150HP PA-16 (Clipper) on EDO 2000's (we want one!)

Robert Murray PA18.jpg (660806 bytes)

So we're suckers for a Sky-Tec

starter on floats. Can you blame us?  

We're from TEXAS!

Reidar Trike.jpg (205762 bytes)

Okay, this is going to take some getting used to.

Now that we're building  Rotax starters, I suppose we should expect to see more of these like Reidar Olsen's Norwegian Trike.

Reidar Apollo Deltajet.JPG (191726 bytes)

Reidar Olsen's Norwegian Trike is an 

Apollo Delta Jet.  I knew nothing about them.  Then I found the videos on this site.

Be sure to watch the "New Mexico" video!

Ross Clement PA18.jpg (4083805 bytes)

Ross Clement's PA-18


Sky-TecP68Wallpaper1440x900.jpg (167925 bytes)


Sky-Tec's own

Partenavia P-68C

Zeigler PA24.jpg (165503 bytes)

Ed Zeigler's Beautiful

Comanche 250

Zeigler Breezy.jpg (124862 bytes)

Ed Zeigler's Breezy


300C.jpg (164684 bytes)

Dale Williamson & His 300C


TXRV8.jpg (144432 bytes)

Bill Mullins' RV-8

StuSmithRocketSharp.jpg (1076364 bytes)
Stu Smith's F2 Rocket
sports a Sky-Tec 

High-Torque Inline 

(NL) Starter
and an incredible 

paint scheme!

Lauran Paine Jr 8.jpg (28580 bytes)

Lauran Paine, Jr.'s RV-8

"After seven years of building and with a Sky-Tec starter, it flies!"

Team Sky-Tec.jpg (63363 bytes)


Sky-Tec Race Team Texoma 125


Every now and then, even our team 

can't say no to a race.

Central Fix.jpg (1478579 bytes)

Central Airlines counts on Sky-Tec to start their huge fleet of Twin Commanders.  Hmmm, these starters must work pretty good for them to own this many!

IMG_5366.JPG (476818 bytes)

Alex DeDominicis visits the factory in his beautiful RV (next visit will be in his new RV-10!)

Rob Irvine BushHawk.jpg (186509 bytes)

Rob Irvine's Bush Hawk


Skip2.jpg (37201 bytes)

Skip Stewart rocks 'n rolls with his Sky-Tec NL starter under the cowl

Prentice_Duke_Mentor.JPG (754620 bytes)

Bill Prentice's "All Sky-Tec started hangar"

Love the Mentor!


Lauran Paine Jr RV-8.jpg (340378 bytes)

First start!
Dang sure couldn't have done it without my SkyTec!
- Lauran Paine, Jr.  (RV-8)

cludeiotestengine-wall1-4016.jpg (114408 bytes)

Sky-Tec FST1 (Franklin Starter)

...in Claudio Tonnini's  Franklin-powered RV-8...see reflection in shiny firewall?

Logs_Coupe.JPG (482501 bytes)

Dick Logston's 'Coupe


Bob and Mary Lee.JPG (2118391 bytes)

Bob & Mary Lee's

IO-540-Powered Bonanza.

Are you jealous?

We are.


Sponsor Pic.jpg (76325 bytes)

Frank Chenevert's new Panzl built Staudacher S330 - Nice Paint!

Many more photos of this coming to an EAA Publication near you!

So, Kirby Chambliss calls us one day...


...seems Kirby Chambliss' (other brand) starter wasn't cutting the mustard (a phrase we don't fully understand but this isn't the place to discuss).  A Sky-Tec NL starter took care of all his starting issues. 

OracleCrashsite.jpg (89163 bytes)



Sean Tucker punches out at 8,000' but not after agonizing over the impending loss of the Oracle Challenger - and his Sky-Tec starter!

P68C_ground.jpg (259708 bytes)


We love our Partenavia

1400 lbs. useful load

155 kts cruise

18 gal/hr. 

Sexy Italian Ramp Appeal

Bubburman RV7.jpg (94686 bytes)


Rene Bubberman's RV-7

of The Netherlands (Holland)


Poosepants1.jpg (89748 bytes)

Folis Jones' Poosemoth Speedwing (err, isn't that a Murphy Renegade?)

PooseContD.jpg (132207 bytes)

We questioned Folis on his  use of a beer can but we were corrected when he informed us it is in fact "the end of a Guinness Irish Stout container."  - our bad...

Cust_Fiser_Shyhawk_N613CD.jpg (26003 bytes)

It's great to see where those starters end up.  Here's Richard Fiser's 182.  ST3 starter.  Nice ride.


Skybolt 007.jpg (292844 bytes)

Hans' Brazilian beauty

Matt Reeves' Sexy Lancair First Engine START (brought to you by Sky-Tec, of course ; )

Stavrakakis.jpg (2724029 bytes)

Steve Stavrakakis just joined the Sky-Tec team.  A 149-NL starter cranks his toys (both) pictured



Did we mention Sean D Tucker keeps pretty good company these days? (we don't make starters for the heavy hardware by the way)...
SDT & Blues 1.jpg (234070 bytes) SDT & Blues 2.jpg (200191 bytes) SDT & Blues 3.jpg (328532 bytes) form_over_strip.jpg (58289 bytes)
Okay, so maybe this doesn't count as "customers" but these shots of Rich's (former) Starduster Too:
scan0003.jpg (40329 bytes) scan0006.jpg (19448 bytes) scan0001.jpg (81203 bytes) scan0002.jpg (58839 bytes)
Texas Starduster Fly-In April 3, 2004 - click here

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