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Continental Conversion

Ercoupe_Old_Shaft.JPG (43525 bytes) Ercoupe_Cutting_Half.JPG (25914 bytes) Ercoupe_Cut_Shaft.JPG (42943 bytes)

Converting an old pull-type starter to the KCST2 is very easy



STEP 1:  Order a KCST2   (not a C12ST2 or a C12ST2/S - just order a KCST2)


STEP 2:  Prepare for installation:  cut off the pinion shaft


Step 1 - Out With Old

Ercoupe_Gear_Not_Needed.JPG (45475 bytes)

Gather Tools

(NOT these tools)


Ercoupe_Gear_Needed.JPG (42917 bytes)

OK - These tools are more like what you will need


Ercoupe_Out_Old.JPG (39439 bytes)

Remove old starter -

Weigh it (ours was 16 lbs)


Ercoupe_Old_Shaft.JPG (43525 bytes)

Here's what you'll see - 

A shaft (your victim)

Step 2 - Prepare to Cut

Ercoupe_Cleaning_Old.JPG (25224 bytes)

Prepare the area

Clean out all oil around shaft


Ercoupe_Shield.JPG (24023 bytes)

Make a cardboard cutting shield using the enclosed template


Ercoupe_Packing_Clay.JPG (23933 bytes)

Pack some clay - 

Enclose all gaps


Ercoupe_Rich_Cuts.JPG (50046 bytes)

Get ready to cut

with 1-1/4" fibrous Dremel bit 

Step 3 - Cut The Shaft FLUSH

Ercoupe_Dremel_Contact.JPG (42619 bytes)

Problem: Our Dremel tool's neck interfered with the shaft...


Ercoupe_Dremel_Contact.JPG (42619 bytes)

...we couldn't get a square cut so we cut shaft twice...


Ercoupe_Cutting_Half.JPG (25914 bytes)

...First cut only half of shaft

Then go back and get all of it


Ercoupe_Cutting_Half_2.JPG (28271 bytes)

This will make clearance

for neck of Dremel tool

Step 4 - Clean & Install

Ercoupe_Cut_Shaft_Not_Clean.JPG (55103 bytes)

Your shaft should be cut FLUSH - that's within 1/16" of the case


Ercoupe_Cleaned_Out.JPG (30526 bytes)

Flush area with long stream of clean fluid (we used WD-40)


Ercoupe_Cut_Shaft.JPG (42943 bytes)

Remove shield & clay

Wipe clean


Ercoupe_Completed_Starter_L.JPG (45098 bytes)

Mount new starter

Torque per instructions

Step 5 - Wire & Sign

Ercoupe_Completed_Starter.JPG (46023 bytes)

Follow instructions in box (KCST2) to wire the new starter


Ercoupe_Completed_Install.JPG (49735 bytes)

You'll use these terminals

to wire power & new switch


Ercoupe_Compare_Old.JPG (50719 bytes)

Send in your 337's

Have A&P sign logbooks


Ercoupe 543.jpg (62956 bytes)

Not nearly as fun as flying the thing when you're done, though.



STEP 3 :


Familiarize yourself with the STC # SE10076SC and other paperwork.





Installation details are covered thoroughly by the installation paperwork included with the KCST2 starter.


However, two notes that are easily overlooked:


1)  CUT FLUSH - You need to cut the OE starter pinion shaft off FLUSH.  How flush?  FLUSH.  Can you leave any of it hanging out?  Hmmm...maybe up to a sixteenth of an inch at MOST (0.0625").  Better yet, cut it FLUSH without damaging or marking up the crankcase halves.  


2) BOLTS - You need to reuse the OE Continental bolts to secure the top of the starter.  Our STC was predicated on a default scenario wherein the customer is replacing an OE pull-type starter.  If your engine did not have an OE pull-type starter installed (you have been hand-propping), you will need to find/buy/borrow or steal the OE pull-type starter mounting bolts.  They are odd ducks.  5/16"-18 thread (coarse) and a freakishly uncommon length with a drilled head.  The Continental P/N for these bolts is 538999 which our customers believe is an MS20074-5-33 bolt.  Our dealer, SkyGeek.com carries the 538999 at a very reasonable price.  

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