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Continental Pull vs. Key




How do I know if my Continental O200 engine is set up for a pull-type starter or a factory key-start type starter?



Refer to this drawing extracted from the Illustrated Parts Manual for Continental C-85 through O-300-C engines:


See how parts 19 and 19A/19B can be interchanged?  

Using part 19 sets the engine up for use with a pull-type starter (cut part 19 flush with case to use Sky-Tec C12ST2/S starter as part of KCST2 STC conversion kit).


But for factory key start aircraft - Late model C150's/C172's, etc.- set-up with a factory firewall contactor (solenoid) and mag switch that has "START" position, (what we simply refer to as "key start engine"), set up your O200 with Part(s) 19A/19B so you can use either the stock Continental key-type starter, or the Sky-Tec C12ST2.





A) If your engine is set-up with part 19, cut part 19 shaft flush with the rear of the crank case per STC # SE10076SC 

and order/install Sky-Tec P/N KCST2 

(which includes starter C12ST2/S and the KCSW switch/placard kit required by STC SA10077SC)




B) If your engine is set-up with part(s) 19A/19B, order/install starter C12ST2.  

No STC is required for this installation as it is PMA certified via PMA PQ0852SW Supplement 5 as a replacement part for the factory key start starter(s).




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