Here are just some of the innumerable positive reviews of Sky-Tec starters we have received in the past ten years...


Diamond Treatment


This is a long overdue letter to the folks at Sky-Tec.  A few months back I sent in a bad Sky-Tec starter.  I sent it on a Friday and received a phone call on Monday that it was a solenoid  wire that had broken internally on the starter.  It was out of warranty, how every your company said they would fix it and send it out that day.  I received it on Wednesday and had the plane back in service on Thursday.  What great service!  I wish more companies would be like Sky-Tec.  The starter performs flawlessly and turns the engine over much faster than the old Delco starter.  


Again my apologies for this late letter but I just can not say enough about you company and your service.  Thank you very much.                   


- Dan Thurnau    



Cardinals Rule


We installed a Sky-Tec Starter last year when we did a Firewall-Forward Re-Man on our 1968 C-177 With a O-360/CSP, I’ve owned this plane since 1979, and I can Honestly state that if I knew then,  what I know now,  I would have bought your starter  MANY, MANY  MOONS ago.


What a Marvelous Improvement.   I am certain that it was worth the price even if there is nothing wrong with the existing starter. I used to service the Bendix sleeve with silicone grease religiously,  and still had events where the Bendix stayed locked-up.


One thing I will say,  Everything you state in your ads is absolutely true.  This is important to a C-177 owner,  as the CG on the 1968 180 HP conversion is WAY too far forward.

The weight savings was a godsend!


Having said that,  I love the starter  and am grateful for your developing and marketing it.


- Rick Paquette

Tucson, AZ



New Zealand Chieftain


A follow up on the two 149NL/EC's you very kindly sent to us in New Zealand, they've done just on 250 hours now with no problems at all. The pilots love them! I'm even thinking of trying a Sky-Tec on my 150 now.....


Thanks again for your help and especially your commitment to customer service.


- Mat Bailey

New Zealand



Sky-Tec Far and Wide


I've bought several of these Skytecs in the last year or two.


I've tried Skytec (and all other brand) starters. This Sky-Tec is the best by a wide margin.


Sky-Tec has them all beat.


- Dan Thomas





You have exceeded every expectation that I may have had. Best of luck with your business in the future. Regards from a very happy customer.


- Graham Dawes




Customer for Life


I just wanted to let you know that you have made a customer (and friend) for life. I needed to bring in my 149-NL for service and I must say I can't remember when I have ever been treated so nice. From the moment I walked in the front door to the moment I paid my bill and left, it was as if the entire staff dropped what they were doing and focused solely on my needs. I know you do this for all your customers, but wow, how refreshing it is to experience this level of customer service.


Most places I deal with just tell you to drop off your part and come back later to pick it up. Not so with Sky-Tec. How cool is it that as a customer, you are actually invited back to the shop to watch and ask questions. A special thanks to Ken in the rebuild shop for taking the time to explain every step of the process, and to Miranda at the front desk for making checkout fun (she likes to talk politics, do I). I will be telling everyone I know that they should choose Sky-Tec for all their starter needs.


- Wayne Patterson

Richardson, TX 75082



Sears-Like Service


Good Afternoon ! I just want to say thank you, Sky-Tec for the outstanding service regarding my Sky-Tec starter.  When I spoke with tech support, I was expecting a lot of excuses regarding the problems I was having with my new starter (only 5 start attempts and out of warranty) that came with my new Aero Sport Power engine.  Instead I received a phone call from him when my starter arrived for evaluation and said Sky Tec would fix the problem and ship it back to me at no cost. 


This was not the response I was expecting !  It is very nice to know that an American Company stands behind their product and will do whatever is right to make the customer happy...much like the Old Sears and Roebuck Co. use to do. 


The starter has been reinstalled and works perfect !  Thank you again.


- Rich Brazell

Jamul, CA



Speedy Sky-Tec


Last week I returned a starter to you and would like to thanks you for the speedy service. Do appreciate the service…Thanks again.


- Doug Hackler




Renewed Love


My Sky-Tec starter renewed my love for flying.   Now I can fuel up and can start my engine like most planes.   I wonder how the FAA could ever have approved the (other manufacturer’s) starters but it doesn't matter now.  


- Jim



Pillar in the Industry


Your success is due to the pillars of a good product, reasonable pricing, and great customer service.  For many of us repeat customers, it is the friendly and efficient customer (repair) service that tends to dominate our decision to keep coming back.


We were one of your early adopters 15+ years ago, and our entire little fleet sports 12 Sky-Tec starters. 


- John Hunter

Wings of Carolina Flying Club



Cherokee NL


Hey! Sky-Tec…just a line to say how great my new Sky-Tec 149-NL went on….for my Cherokee Six 260.  Sounds strong, spins fast and super easy to install and while I had onlookers, I sold three to the guys at the airport.  Got it from Aircraft spruce.


I know good products and I refuse to settle for anything less, I ran across you a couple of weeks ago with questions on a starter for my experimental aircraft and I must say you and that Joe Loggie from Champion sure are great assets to your company. It is so satisfying to a consumer to get knowledgeable response, and timely is a plus.


- Andy


Research Leads to Love


Hello.  I just wanted to let you know that I love my Sky-Tec starter!  The (other) unit I removed was terrible, and I considered another (competitor’s) starter but went with you guys based on research.  So glad I did! Thanks!


- Scott Grant



Falkands Fans


In May we changed the 4 aircraft we have operating in the pax role over to these starters. We calculated that they should give the following benefits:


1.   At the price of them ( for a new, throw away item) compared to what we were paying for overhaul of the (heavyweight) starters, we calculated that with no northbound shipping, we needed to achieve 500 to 600 hours per unit. Our fleet leader for these now is at 1200 hours per unit, day ( a rough calculation based on landings is approx 3500 starts and then add a factor for engineering).


  1. Improved starting – true they really do throw the engine over
  2. Weight saving of 3Kg per engine. This does not sound much but when we operate into grass strips that have take off weight limitations, every Kg counts!



So far, we have found them to be excellent value for money and very reliable (no reported failures).


We are very happy with our Sky-Tec’s and when we have consumed our stocks of serviceable (heavyweight rebuilds) on our Fishery Patrol aircraft, we will fit Sky-Tec starters to all of them.


- Jim Parke

Falkland Islands Government Air Service

Stanley Airport

Falkland Islands



Helo Heaven


The best thing we ever did was to convert our two Hughes 300C helicopters to Sky-Tec starters years ago.  


- Pete Gillies, Chief Pilot

Western Helicopters, Inc.

Rialto, California



Above and Beyond


Once in a while the service you get from a company is so far beyond expectation that mention has to be made of it.  


My Prestolite starter gave up the ghost  with 900 hrs on it.  I thought I  would try a Sky-Tec lightweight.  It sure was light.  But I soon broke it when the engine was not going and I ENGAGED THE STARTER WITH THE PROP COMING OFF A COMPRESSION STROKE  GOING BACKWARDS.  Not a good  thing.  


I called Sky-Tec and told  them what I had done and the problem was corrected so fast I almost didn’t miss  the starter.  All this at no cost in spite of the fact I truly believe is was more than a BIT my fault.  


I recommend Sky-tec to everyone. I have had absolutely no starter issues now.

- Jeff     



Someone to Speak With


My company, Electroimpact Inc, also believes that the customer needs to talk to an engineer.  Being a customer of Sky-Tec and getting to talk to Rich within the first 10s of my phone call made me realize how much our customers must appreciate this.


I finished my RV8 in late 2003, and since then put 1000+ punishing hours, flying plenty of IMC in rain and snow as well as acro and formation flight nearly every week.  The starter always works fine and cranks the IO360 quickly.


Good job guys.


- Todd.


Indiana Cardinal


Bite the bullet and buy a Sky-Tec. the first year I had my '74 RG (2 1/2 years ago) I had a rash of starter problems, five to be exact.  One of them cost me a ring gear. The last starter I got from (another manufacturer) did not even work right out of the box.


Since I installed the Sky-Tec it has been trouble free. This past weekend I flew Young Eagles for EAA at a charity event. Average flight time was about 10 min. and I easily did 10 to 15 hot starts.


- Mike Anderson

N2043Q '74 RG


Every Day Starter


After numerous (other brand) starter failures, my mechanic suggested I buy a real starter: a Sky-Tec 149-NL. I agreed … and the airplane started every day there after. Why didn’t I do that in the first place!?

- Dan




Louisiana Love


I want to express my thanks to you and your company.  I used your trouble shooting guide to determine that I did not need a new starter.  Turns out it was a faulty ground wire.  I appreciate your advice, and, in the future, when I do need a starter, I know where to come


- Ed Stephens

Westlake, LA


Culprit Caught


Thanks so much for the troubleshooting help! I went back through my electrical system. I found one possible problem inside the starter switch. It was a little dirty on the contacts points. Of course, when I checked it with the ohm meter it showed no resistance and naturally, before and after assembly it demonstrated no problems.


Your company is very refreshing to deal with. 


- Jack Sayger



Comanche NL


My new NL starter works GREAT! in my Comanche 250.  I have struggled with starting this bird since I bought it in 1999.  This was the fix. Thanks,


- Ed Zeigler

Livingston, TX


Archer Grounded


I am following up with this email to thank you for your help with my recent “electrical” problem in my 1980 ARCHER II. As we discussed I was having both battery charge issues and really slow starts with my Sky-Tec starter. You indicated that the starter needs a good ground to properly operate. I found two things as a result of our conversation  1) my battery ground was a little corroded which I cleaned and re-installed. 2) with inspections from both of my IA’s that I use it was determined that apparently Archers do not have a ground in the engine compartments. My IA owns a Warrior and told me that his never had a ground either. I found this to be quite odd and had my IA make me a ground to install in the plane. WOW-is the only word to describe the difference that made when turning the key to the starter. It spun so quick I could hardly see the prop. Either a ground was never replaced when my plane had previous engine replacements or Piper grounds the engine is some other way which is not conducive to good operations for the Sky-Tec system. In any event I am a very happy 59 yr old pilot at the moment. Thanks again for all your friendly assistance.


- Dave Hahn

Crystal ,Mn



No More Wonder


My mechanic, who had grown tired of lubing the "Bendix" on my pervious starter strongly recommended that I spend the bucks and get a Sky-Tec starter. I did and have been nothing but happy with it! No more "spin tests", just rapid "sure fire" starts. There's a reason the OEMs use Sky-Tec.


- Bob Hanson

'76 RG, N34565


Pleased Down Under


Due to your customer service and since I am building another plane I specifically asked for one of your starters again due to your customer support. So good things do come back. Thank you.


- Chris McGough

Melbourne, Australia

Southern Tiger


Just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff, received and reinstalled my starter yesterday, what a hugh difference.  Thanks for the prompt service and quality work.


- Denis Doster



Yankee Win


I'd been having problems for a while starting N99DR when she was hot. Cold starts were fine, if a little slow, but hot starts seemed like the battery was low- one or two blades, then just one blade each time I pushed the starter until it caught. The last attempt produced scary grinding noises and pulling the prop through showed the front end of the starter Bendix shaft moving a quarter-inch in all directions. Fortunately this was after refueling at home!


The new Sky-Tec starter fit perfectly-- not a thing had to be changed or modified on my AA-1 except re-routing the starter cable (Sky-Tec is shorter). Hot & cold starts are near instantaneous-- I wonder how long the old starter was dragging?


Sky-Tec service and starter gets my highest recommendation.


- Wayne Moyer

AA-1 99DR


Pennsylvania Piper


I recently underwent a painful, yet necessary engine overhaul and…while still smarting from the assault on my checkbook for the parts to complete my O-320...I decided to bite the bullet and replace my OEM starter with your 122-NL.


Best move I ever made.  Now, mind you, this is a fresh, 0-time overhaul. New jugs, crank, balanced pistons, the whole magilla.  But, your starter, besides weighing 9 lbs less than the boat anchor that was on there, spun my engine up on the pre-oil in 20 seconds (unloaded...spark plugs were out of the jugs...), and for the first start, turned the thing fast enough that the impulse coupling was able to start her up on the second blade.


Second blade!


In my opinion, this was one of the best investments I made during this overhaul.  Lots of Piper owners suffer from the bump start syndrome, and spend lots of money on cables, solenoids, new batteries...bad starter name it.  Still have to do the Piper "bumpstart".  Not anymore...on the pipercherokee email group on mantra is clear: ditch the old tech...and go Sky-Tec.  Everyone I've pushed in that direction, without fail has come back with the same paraphrased comment: 'best damn investment in getting my plane to turn over I've



Congrats, folks.  You have some great products, and I'm proud to let folks know what's starting my Cherokee up these days


- Bryan Boyle

Morrisville, PA


Grumman Gang Love


I'll just toss out that I had outstanding service from Sky Tec last year. I had a bad solenoid and they had me ship it to them, replaced at very reasonable cost, upgraded the rest of the starter for free. I feel their customer service is second to none.


- Jerry



I love my Sky-Tec 12LS starter.  I originally had a B&C but it would not fit the horizontal induction engine with Silverhawk FI. Not to mention the fiberglass horizontal stock intake from Vans Aircraft. I called Sky-Tec and they explained everything with great clarity and service.


- Steve




Sky Tec has earned many more "above the call of duty" positive comments, that I have read or heard. Bang for the Buck if you can fit a LS or PM starter is a bargain. If you want the ultimate, the NL is the option. The NL option cost less than (other starters) and has the unique shear pin concept. The "FUSE" pretty much eliminates the chance of starter or ring gear damage for a kick back. Clearly the PM/LS, HT and NL offer different performance, fit and price points, but............


For me, I like the LS for the money and weight. On the experimental RV the cowl clearance was a little tight for the nose piece but it still fit. The HT may be a better choice for the the RV. The NL is nice but cost more.


- George



Tiger Stripes


I was always a little wary when anticipating a hot start until I got a Sky-Tec starter for my Tiger.  It works great!!   


- Ken Tusha

Verdigre, NE


The Star of Texas


I cannot say enough positive things about Les Staples and Sky-Tec starters. I haven't put in his new lightweight alternator yet but it's on the list.


- Jay Carpenter

President - Texas Aviation Association


Baton Rouge Sierra


We installed our new starter yesterday on our 1981 Beech C24R Sierra.  In the year that we have owned the plane, I have been continually frustrated by the slow cranking speed of the original starter, fearing that I would wind up far from home with a dead set of batteries.  The first start with the Sky-Tec literally frightened me as it happened so fast, and I didn't anticipate what was going to happen.  I actually felt the plane torque slightly to one side during the split-second start.  You need to put warning labels on these things!  Thanks for a great product.


- Bill Manhein

Baton Rouge, LA


Satisfied Cardinal


There are a number of reports of premature failures of (other manufacturer’s) starters. Mine went out with less than 60 hours on a Lycoming factory reman. It worked fine until the day it completely stopped working. The solenoid on mine was not the problem.


The manufacturer of the starter market their product with a two year warranty. Although mine was little more than a year old, they would not honor the warranty or even offer a discount as it was installed as an engine accessory during the Lycoming factory reman. They claim it is Lycoming's problem not theirs. Unfortunately, Lycoming's warranty is one year, including accessories.


I now have a Sky- Tec inline starter and am very happy with it. From would I have read, they have a much better service record and customer service track record. I would not consider another brand IMHO due to the reported high incidence of failure and because the manufacturers do not

stand behind their product.


- Angelo Petropolis

1978 Cardinal RG


Seattle Cardinal


Hi.  I am the A&P from the Seattle area who spoke with you yesterday.  We just installed your 149NL in a Cardinal RG with IO360.  Thanks for the info that the extra pins are glued on the starter!  Hope I will never need to get at them. Your installation was easy and simple and quick.  As I said, the RG baffling meant we needed to take off the darned prop to get at the old Delco Remy starter....but hopefully, we'll not have to do that again to get  at your  starter...if ever. 


I must rave about your starter for a moment.  I consider it just about the best money I have spent on this Cardinal.  That darned IO360 whether it is in an Arrow, mooney or Cardinal, always has a hot start problem.  Your high torque starter genuinely SOLVES that problem .  On a cold start, your starter gets the engine going in about 2 or 3 blades (1/1/2 or 2 seconds)  and hot starts take place in about four or five seconds.  It is simply wonderful.  


I would be happy to speak in favor of your product to anyone who asks.  Feel free to use my name and give out my e-mail or mailing address to anyone who wants a testimonial.


- Fred Lundahl

Langley, WA


Salt Lake Skylane

I recently purchased a factory new Lycoming O-540 that fortunately came equipped with a Sky-Tec starter. We love our Sky-Tec starter!

- Brian G. Sorensen

Salt Lake City, UT


Twin Cities Cherokee


My Sky-Tec has been on for five years now and it still cranks my Cherokee so fast you can taxi with it. I have a friend with an Archer that I am pushing to install one on his when he overhauls this fall. Keep up the good work,

- Terry Hocking

Nashwauk, MN


Oregon Cherokee


I just had a Sky-Tec Inline HT starter installed in my recently acquired 1963 Piper PA28-180. After very weak starting, even after the installation of copper cables, the old starter finally met it's end when during a start, a kick back destroyed the OEM starter.


My A/P felt another OEM was the way to go, but I insisted that I wanted to kill a bunch of birds with one stone.  The Inline offered kickback protection, stronger starting, and without a viable core, the price differential was not that much.


After getting the new starter installed, I noticed immediate improvement in the speed of rotation during start.  While there is still some initial hesitation at the beginning of the start when the engine is cold, I no longer worry about whether the starter and battery are up to the task.  I no longer worry about being stranded somewhere due to kick back as my AP pointed me to the spare "keys" that were supplied with the starter (although I might not have located them

where you have to remove the starter, but least they are there).


I feel I made the right price/value/performance decision.  Thanks for the great product.


- Jeff Davis

Hermiston, OR


Nevada Sierra


I have a 1970 Beechcraft Sierra, A24R, with a Sky-Tec lightweight starter. The starter was installed over five years ago and the plane averages just over 100 hrs a year flight time.    The starter has been no trouble at all with very little maintenance (lubricate the gear/shaft at each oil change, ~ 25hr).    I also had a Sky-Tec starter on my last plane, a Piper PA-28, with the same trouble free experience.  These starters are really the only way to go!   And by the way, Customer Service is friendly and fast if any questions are asked or information needed.


- Ken Kirkman



Rockin’ Rochester


I only recommend your starters to pilots since Sky-tec makes the best starters and is great with dealing with problems.


- Dennis Gray

Landmark Aviation


California Glasair


Nothing but good reports.  We have had the PM model on our Glasair for 10 years now with no problems. As with any PM motor, a good charge on the battery is important since they draw lots of power on startup as compared with a series-would motor.  One suggestion that came to mind when reading about your starter motor with the shear pin.  Might be a neat idea to include a spare pin mounted in a little holder somewhere on the motor itself.  That way if the pin fails at some remote location instead of in front of your home base hangar (it ALWAYS will), you have the replacement on hand, provided the pilot remembers about it's location. [ and so we did! ]


- Harvey Spencer

Rolling Hills Estates, CA


Swiss Watch


I own a 2000 Cessna 182S with a 540 Lycoming engine, total time 560 hours. The LAMAR starter had to be replaced after 3 years or 350 hours, now the new Lamar broke, too. I will now install a Sky-Tec 149-NL/ec starter. Can’t wait.


- Michel Horat



California Dreamin


I really do appreciate your outstanding service.  Since I replaced the starter, everything has been fine.  It’s great to hear that new starter spin my engine every morning as I head to work. Thanks again.  You guys/gals are great!


- Robert Owen


John Wayne Friend


I want to thank you for your outstanding service & compliment Katherine for being so knowledgeable and efficient. When I called her last Friday to explain that my starter failed & that I use my plane to commute every day so needed a replacement starter as soon as possible, she arranged to have one sent out within hours, if not minutes, on a “Next day – Saturday” delivery.  To my delight, the UPS man rang my doorbell before 10:00 a.m. with my replacement starter.  I was thoroughly impressed!


This level of service is not the “norm” these days and particularly since it was a warranty replacement, I was even more surprised.  I am a part-time flight instructor at John Wayne Airport in California & have many friends with airplanes on the field.  You can be sure I will tell anyone who is interested in listening, how exceptional your service is.  Thanks from a very happy customer!


- Robert L. Owen

Silgan Containers Corp.


Airshow Legend


We use your starters here at my FBO and have had great luck with them. The one currently on my Extra has over 500 hours and many starts without a problem. I wore my Sky-Tec shirt at Sun n Fun and while standing at my airplane by the taxiway on Sunday an airplane taxied by, pointed to my shirt and I received 2 thumbs up!


- Jim Peitz

Pierre, SD


Lakeland FBO


I've been a mechanic for 24 years and in aircraft parts sales for 3. This is fact: Your starters are great and your company is great to deal with!


- Rick Smith

Aeromech, Inc.


Columbus RV-8


Thank you for the no charge repair to my starter. I admitted my error in leaving the Jeff Rose ignition on while starting my airplane which led to damaging a freshly rebuilt starter. Your generosity is very much appreciated and won’t be forgotten. I will spread the word about Sky-Tec being a great company to deal with.


- Glen Miller


P.S. Although I live in Columbus Ohio my RV8 was once based at your airport and owned by John Bunn. He also stated that your company is a class act.


Landmark Dealer


Just dropping a note to say that we like your starters and try to sell them as much as we can! It is a great product and the sales/tech support is very helpful.


- Rick Pescitani

Leesburg, VA


Super Starting Decathlon


I recently purchased a 2003 ACA Super Decathlon and I believe the plane has one of your starters. The starter is absolutely reliable and has plenty of cranking power. Your company has a great reputation.


- Brian Perry


Florida Flight School


I have finished converting my fleet of 12 B-76's, 9 C-172's, a Arrow and a Sierra to Sky-Tec starters and our starter failure rate went from about 6 a week to 1-2 a month (mostly from over-cranking). We were using Lamar and Kelly starters. Both of the starters were destroying the Bendix gears after about 200 to 300 hours. When the gear would break the Bendix would shear teeth from the ring gear and also break the electronic tach sensor. It was costing an average of $600 every time a starter would go out. We had to keep 40 starters in stock and that would last 2 to 3 weeks. The first 2 Sky-Tec starters were installed Feb 2005 and they now have over 2100 hours each on them and still going! Since we fly 40k to 50k hours a year we have accumulated about 25k total hours on the starters with only about 12 failures (the engines are started 10 to 20 times a day). The cost savings and less down time have been great. My next big issue is alternators and now I see Plane-Power alternators are just the ticket! Thanks for a product that lives up to flight training.


- Ed Johnson

Aviator, Inc.


Machen Bonanza


So fast I can taxi without starting the engine! It works great, a couple of effortless hot starts also.


- Bob Lee


Arizona Starter


She spins like nothing I have seen before in my 35 years of flying. 

- Ron Davis

Quitman, AR


Virginia State Police Cardinal


I converted the Prestolite starter on my 68 Cardinal to a new Sky-Tec starter and the starting improvement was terrific.  With the old starter it was very difficult to almost impossible to start the engine when hot but your new starter spins it like a top.  I used to hate the idea of making an enroute fuel stop and a hot crank to follow but now it is a breeze. I highly recommend your lightweight starter to all Cardinal owners as the only good solution to the hot starting blues. Thanks for a wonderful product.

- Morris Pearson

Norfolk, VA


State College 172


I purchased a Sky-Tec Model 149-12LS for my Cessna 1972 172M. Basically the replacement of the old Prestolite starter went as advertised. The aircraft now has about 110 hours of use on it since then; in my type of flying that amounts to about 100 starts, and I've been delighted with every one of them. Even in the beastly cold of Pennsylvania winters (I fly more in the winter than most GA pilots), the Sky-Tec starter, along with a decent battery, provides such a rapid engine rotation that starting is never in doubt, as it often was with the old starter. One mechanically-savvy flying friend actually jested on one occasion that we could fly home on the starter, even if the fuel were frozen! Well, maybe not, but I'm very happy with your product and I hope you guys make a million bucks!


- Phil Glass

State College, PA


Vacaville RV


You have a great product with great support and you guys are friendly to boot. Even with a great product, once in a while, someone like me will do a boneheaded maneuver and break one. Thank you for the support in the repair of my starter. The starter is just like new!

- Tom Allen

Vacaville, CA


Delaware Mooney

I want to say that you and your company are a fantastic group of people to work with. Always fast and courteous responses, and most willing to help. I could only wish that rest of the world was as kind as you are. Thanks for time and consideration.

- Joe Warren
Milford, DE

Happy Ercoupe

Thank you and the folks at Sky Tec for your good service, and backup. If you don't mind I will e-mail the Ercoupe group and tell them about your good service.

- Dick Logston
N3041H, N35RL

Washington Mooney

I installed one of your inline starters p/n 149NL on a 1967 Mooney M20C with a Lycoming O360-A1D engine.
 I am very happy with your product. the airplane starts better than my car a 2000 Honda Civic.
Thanks for a great reliable product and saving me weight too. No more frustration when starting the airplane and wondering if the airplane is going to start.

- James Mahoney

Renton, WA


New York Skylane


My new Sky-Tec starter is much stronger, lighter and seems to use less juice from the battery for the output.  I appreciate your standing behind your product and customer with a positive can-do attitude!

- Ron Brach

Scotia, NY


Texas Cardinal


Hi Rich.  I finally got my Cardinal's O-360-A1F6D overhauled this spring and we started her up yesterday for the first time.  What a difference in the smooth balanced engine, and as well the fast turning Sky-Tec 149-NL starter.  You have another happy customer.  She fired up on the second blade! 


- Rob Maas

N1246C / 78 C177B 


Florida Cougar


Followed your advice and put on the 149-12LS and WOW!!! what a difference.  First start took about 3 blades and fired right up -- actually startled me there a little.  Did a hot start the same day and NO-O-O problem.  As you said, the cranking rpms are much quicker and really make a big difference.  My electrical system is plenty adequate to produce the initial higher amperage so all is well here in sunny Florida. 


Guess you can tell, I'm a happy camper at the moment.   Sure nice to go away from home base and have confidence the ole Cougar will crank. Also think I picked up a couple knots cruise with that lower weight : - ). 


Thanks so much for your assistance and advice.  A pleasant and unusual treat dealing with someone with your expertise and enthusiasm  this day and age. 


Best regards,


- Ed Leffingwell

Punta Gorda, FL


Satisfied in Seattle


I'll make a long story short. I needed a new starter ASAP since I am planning a trip to family this Xmas, 4 days from now. I e-mailed Sky-Tec yesterday (Sunday) asking to have one sent 2-day and bill me in advance while I was getting my old one to them. I received a return message that same day (on Sunday!) that a new starter would be sent in the morning without charge and without waiting to determine the condition of my core. I have NEVER had that kind of Nordstrom level service at any time of my 10 years of aircraft ownership. The service and support from Sky-Tec will keep me a customer for life.

- Jeff Robertson

Seatac, WA 98188




Cape Horn Cardinal


Hi Rich, I installed the starter on Saturday and it is working like a dream, celebrated by doing three flights around the Cape Peninsula!  Cheers.

- Mike

South Africa


Fast Cranking Comanche


I have owned several airplanes over the past 40+ years and most of them had starter problems; slow to crank, etc.  This year, in August 2004, I overhauled my Lyc.0-360 engine in my '59 Comanche and decided to work on the slow cranking problem and see if I could fix this problem once and for all.


I must say now that my problems are over. I replaced my aluminum wire from my battery compartment with copper and bought a Sky-Tec light weight starter. 


To my surprise, from the very first start, the change was overwhelming. The engine jumps to a start, I could almost taxi with this starter. I have never seen such as major change in starting procedures. I would overwhelmingly recommend this product to anyone with starter problems or looking for a new starter.

Thank you very much Sky-Tec.

- Jerry Gardner
Tyler, Texas


Starter for Piper Comanche 400 (PA24-148)

Dear Ritchie [please, no one attempt to call Rich by this nick name, rights are reserved for this customer only ; ) ]


"Every once in a while a person like myself comes across an "unusually excellent" company or a person within such a company, and you and your company fit that description (how do you like that description ... "unusually excellent").  I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the way you handled my request in replacing the starter for my Comanche 400.  I will be sure to pass on a recommendation about you and your company to anybody else I know."

- Norm Newell, President

Hammer Air

Friends from Down Under

"Hi Rich,


Thank you for your prompt and excellent service. Yesterday I received a replacement starter from Superior and will return the faulty unit to them shortly. I also thank Barry from Superior who provided great service as a representative of your company."

- Robert Sharman

Tasman Energy

Neighbors to the North

"I just want to say thanks for the efficient way in which you handled my starter problem under warranty.
Sky-Tec is the kind of company that I like to deal with and I will recommend your starters to other aircraft owners
wherever I go with my aircraft."

- John Stewart
Delta BC Canada.


Contented Comanche


"Rich,  Let me first say thank you! The starter arrived yesterday and it looks beautiful. 


...I have been a long time advocate of your starters. I have an RV4 that is 10 years old and has almost a thousand hours on it. Its had a Sky-Tec starter on it since day one. I remember the day I bought it well. It was at sun"N"fun you guys had a booth very close to the B&C people so naturally I inquired about both. I had already done my research on starter brackets and other light weight options. The first thing I asked the B&C guy was how he justified the much higher price of his starter. He replied that your starters were made of used car parts and they were junk. He never did give me an answer to the question. I inquired with one of your people about this and was told it was not true. I immediately went to one of your vendors at the show and purchased my starter. I have never been sorry. Since that time I have sold many builders on your starters. I build engines for people in the RV circle still and I always point them in your direction when it comes to starters. [I am] a loyal customer and a free sales person."

- Ryan Bendure

Brighton, CO

Cardinal Fan


"[I] Just read your note on the CFO digest. I'd just like to mention that we got a NL from Sacramento Sky Ranch a month or so ago, and love it. Great product.  I've recommended it to everyone I know that needs a Lyc. starter.

- Steve 

Cardinal N3295T


Chuckling Cherokee


I own a Cherokee 140 and have been frustrated with starting problems since I bought it. I tried voltage checks and other suggested ideas. Finally decided to try the Sky-Tec starter. What a difference! The plane starts within seconds of activating the starter switch. Just wanted to give you a thanks for your product. 


- Randy Ware

Wray, CO


Grinning Grumman

"... Les stands behind his starters 100%. I recently had a minor problem with my starter and Les and his crew went the extra mile to get me going again. You couldn't ask for better service than this! For anyone sitting on the fence considering a new starter, jump on over to Sky-Tec. You won't be disappointed."

- Fred & Sherye

Spicy Service!


"Rich & Catherine, Thanks for the fast service & getting the new starter down to me quickly, as I was back in the air by 11.00AM today...And by the way, the old starter does make a good boat anchor....!"

- L.C. Mellenger
Spicewood, TX

Slam Dunk for Dinkie


"...Durability is not an issue: the Sky-Tec seems the obvious choice. FWIW, it's been about 8 years since a new Sky-Tec starter went into "Dinkie."  [We have] loved it ever since, closed the ugly hole in the nose bowl where the Bendix once protruded =and= justified removing the 5-pounds of lead ballast in the tail. "Bullet proof" ? Not a single whimper from the Sky-Tec in all these years ? Close enough for me."


- Art Cacella 1970 American AA-1 N6155L "Dinkie"
Winston-Salem, NC


Eureka, that's great customer service!


"Hello - I had to return my starter because I mistakenly ordered the wrong model... I [had] a trip to Baja planned at the end of the week so I was hoping for a fast turn-around. I just got off the phone with Rich, who told me that a rebuilt starter was being shipped out today. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your lighting-fast customer service!"

- William Mitchell

Eureka, California


Lancair Litmus


"On Saturday 2/21 we went out to fly the 360. Beautiful day and a nice trip to Houston planned. Well it was not to be. Got about 2 turns and then nothing. Click click but nothing from the started. Trip back home, change cloth and pulled the cowl. Did the voltage drop checks in the trouble shooting guide from Sky-Tec. Dead starter. Pulled the started and got on line filled out the return paperwork and described the problem. Monday morning the unit went to the factory for rebuild. Wednesday afternoon go a call. All fixed ready to ship need credit card number. OK that was quick...It just showed up on the doorstep, its Friday 2/27. It looks brand new... It will go on the plane tomorrow...I hope everyone else has this kind of experience with Sky Tec."


Great product, Great service.


- Ray 

Lancair Mail List


And the list goes on but we ran out of extra time to type them all in! ...

  It takes one to know one

How many times have you been able to call a factory and speak with someone who actually manufactures (and repairs) the product?  Better yet, have you ever spoken with someone who actually uses their own product regularly?  Well, with Sky-Tec, you get both!  Call us.  We are pilots and aircraft owners too.  Give us a call.  We'll even let you talk to the guy who designed 'em if you like. 





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